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3 SEO-TOOLS and Tactics that will increase your website visibility in (2018)


'They are a lot of SEO tools and optimizing techniques online. Today I will be showing you a few of these and how they work' 

They are various SEO-tools techniques and tactics we use in order to optimize our website to increase our ranking for a keyword. Search engine optimization SEO is the method, strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase our chances of being found by Google search engine, and in turn, increase the number of visitors to our website. Find more information on my other post 
The significance of SEO tools and tactics is to increase our ranking in Google search engine so that people searching for our website can see it on Google first page, second page or third page.

 If you are really lucky and you have really optimized your website using specific keywords, SEO tools, on-page optimization, your blog or website might just be in the first 50 page of Google search but that will take a lot of hard work.
      There are a lot of SEO tools, tips, and tactics that you can use in order to increase your visibility online and find your website quickly on search engines. We would start with some basic SEO tools and in my future posts, I will go into details about more sophisticated tools tactics and tips.

        For your information only one or two SEO tools or technique cannot take your website ranking high, for best results, you will need to use more than one SEO tool and tactics and several optimization techniques, so it is the combination of these SEO tools and tactics that will effectively boost the ranking of your website.
     It is possible to rank very high in Google even if you are not doing paid ad because you are using organic traffic from optimizing your website and getting visitors. Google search engine uses your SEO optimized website and delivers it to people searching for your kind of information if your blog is really optimized. You can't just build a website or copy and paste and do paid advertising and expect money to start flowing and people to start viewing your website. You must optimize your website with keywords and SEO tactics so that you can be found easily. Mind you there are companies out there who pay millions to stay up there in the number 1 positions which you may never be able to compete with. To start optimizing your website you have to make it really fast your website speed matter.





       Believe it or not, the speed of your site matters a lot, when you want your website to get ranked high. Google first loads websites that load faster than slow websites, because the speed of your website show how quickly a website responds to requests, not just websites owners but everyone using the internet want to get quick and fast results and pages that load fast. we all know how irritated we get when a website does not load fast, so Google always upgrades their algorithms to check sites speed. I will show you an SEO tool to check your website speed and a couple of other corrections you need to make to increase your website speed. The first thing you need to do is go to a website called GTmetrix You have to register and login to see all the features.

follow the link it is very simple all you have to do is add your website link and click analyze this will take about 10-30seconds or a minute after that you will get this result which will look like this at the top you will get a score of your website performance which will look like this;

 and at the bottom of the page you would get a detailed explanation and errors in your webpage which will look like this;

   This is a really great SEO tool site, it shows you more than a 100 things that are wrong with your website and how to fix them. Following this errors and fixing them will greatly increase your site's visibility. Warning some of the fix might need you to get into the code of your website which can be very risky if you don't know how to code, so get a friend to help you or just be really careful and the best approach will be to save your website first or create a backup this is a feature of most CMS to backup your website and download it in case you mess up the code. 
     The green arrow bars means there is no error within that section but the orange color and red means you need to fix that particular error. You can see also there are different tabs you must enter every tab to see the errors there. You might have a bad score when you first add your website, you just have to click on the low scores near the arrows and it will automatically tell you what to do to fix those errors.


    The next thing you will need to do is log in to your Google console to verify your website. If you don’t have an account or have not set it up yet this is a must for testing your website status and monitoring your SEO every time, this is the link 

The page might have changed depending on Google's upgrade but the procedure remains the same and also you must have a Gmail account to login. When you log in to Gmail and you go to Google console you will follow a few tricky but easy steps to verify that it is your website. There are a couple of ways to do this, as you will have options on the page, just follow the steps and when you do it correctly you should see a page like this one below.

Before you get verified you will come to a page like this 

 asking you to enter your website for verification. 
All you have to do is download the code which will look something like this google-site-verification: google77a476f959c5538a.html then copy and paste into the head section of your website by accessing the HTML and CSS code area this could be a risky place to be if you are not very good with codes and editing of codes, so it would be a good idea to ask a friend or just learn it on a Youtube video.

       This is to verify that you are the owner of this website, it might be difficult and very tedious at first and might not work you just have to try again but trust me it is worth it. The essence of this is that Google is adding your website to its address book to verify that you have a website and you have been added to their address book just like you will add your friend on WhatsApp or his/her number to your phone book, it also comes with a lot of features to help you monitor your site and keep it save too. Now that your website has been added you have to wait a day or 2 for any analysis to be made sometimes a month in order to monitor your website. I will advise anyone with a website to first start with verifying at Google console it is also referred to as Google webmaster
       Google console can do a lot for you. It can monitor your traffic, improve your HTML and fix security issues and lots more  At the left column of the image you can see all the information and issues it can help you with to optimize your website.


               One mistake people do is to think that they must put in or type their exact business keyword or exact phrase to get the best result, this is not the case most of the time you need to do some research and out of the box thinking, you have to add keywords that are opposite to your keyword or a bit similar, for instance, if you are a website designer there is no harm in adding logo design, graphic design  to your web pages or content, your  about page and services page. 
       This will trick Google search bot to alert your website or bring it up even though you are not a graphic designer, so this has given your website publicity to someone else that might refer it to another person by sharing your link.
     To check if your website has keywords that are buzzing around go to a website called keyword density tool checker, it also tells you your website speed and the total number of words on your site. 

          Add your website then click submit the keyword density tool will analyze your website to see if you have good keyword ranking. If it is poor, sorry you have to remodel your to have a more buzzing keyword that matches your business. This a nice and powerful tool because it will also show you places or social media where your site has linked to or has a backlink which means your website is going place.  
           A keyword is one of the most important and effective tool/tip for getting traffic to your website and getting ranked high. In order for Google bots and search engine to see your website and rank it high you have to be pushing these keywords around your website, do some serious research and hard work, this is not just fixed, find and go, you have to keep doing this every month or twice in a month.
         How does keyword help you and lets people find you? Just like you are searching for clients and customers online, people are also searching for you, but they just can't find you out of thin air from millions of website and even some providing the same service that you are providing, so the steps to take to get strong powerful and most search keyword is to go to Google keyword tool

Check out more useful SEO tactics and search engine optimization techniques

What you have to do here is type in a word related to your business for example if you are a website designer type in website designer and click the search button. 
        Then select your country search engine to be able to target your ad in your location. If you want to target the whole world just leave it at the default when you type search this is what you will get a lot of words people are searching for 
The next thing for you to do is to add as many of these keywords to your website about page or service page, or your site description in YouTube or in the description in a business listing where you have placed your website. So next time someone searches for a particular keyword relating to your business they can easily find you or your site might just pop up. Like I said one or two of these tips, techniques and SEO tools might not make your website very effective you need to use a combination of a lot of SEO tools.
       Another very effective way of using keyword is on your own website. Since Google systematically searches for most searched keywords and directly finds your site it will be helpful also to mention the keyword you want to be found and ranked for in Google search engine inside your website as often as possible at least 5 to 10 times in your first 100 paragraph. For example, I am talking about SEO tools I have mentioned it here and also 3 times in my opening paragraph and a couple of times inside my post. Google is optimized to search for the fastest and most informative and effective websites out so leave a comment to let me know what you think and let me know if you have any problems. See you in my next post. SEO tools and techniques are one of the ways you could get more organic traffic to your website without having to pay for ads, so the more you practice using this tools and techniques the better chances of ranking higher in Google search engine.




      SEO search engine optimization is the process of making adjustment or modification to your website from the code(HTML CSS) or content you have written. This modification, when viewed individually, might seem irrelevant, but when combined they can make a serious impact on the website which can generate organic traffic. 

      Google regularly upgrades its algorithms and guidelines to guide people on the best practices on SEO optimization and SEO techniques. This is a precaution to make sure no one is cheating on SEO tactics and techniques even though there are bots in Google that keep a check on websites.
       Google still need to add these guidelines because owners of websites and blogs who are not aware of this rules might be breaking the rules and don't even know it.

There are a lot of guidelines but I will be telling you about a few in this post.

1. Never misuse Keywords
2. Don't use popular keywords
3. Create unique/original content
4. Don't use low-quality links
5. Make your website speed a priority

 1. Never misuse Keywords; 

    Keywords tell search engines what your page or content is about it can create traffic for you and rank your website high for that particular keyword. Most people use their keyword or the phrase they want to be ranked for several times in their article this is called keyword stuffing.
 For instance, I use SEO tools and techniques 10 times in a post just to get traffic, Google bots will not immediately detect but after a while, they will and when they do your website will be ranked very low or your website will be flagged by Google. The best practice is to use your keyword 3 times or 4 and use other SEO  techniques and tools to optimize your website or blog.

2. Don't use popular keywords;
   From research and most tutorials, most people will usually advise using the most common keyword out there Google advice is to use keywords that are synonyms for your word or phrase.

3. Create unique/original content;
       Make sure that your content or article is unique and well written or it generally passes an information or solves a problem. Don't copy and paste Google has plagiarism bots that can detect that you have copied and not even rank you.
    If you must copy the best practice is to improve the person's work or polish it and add more information that is not in the original content.  

4. Don't use low-quality links;
     We all know backlinks can really optimize your website outbound or inbound link and Google considers any site with a lot of links for high ranking, some people misuse this and try to take advantage of sharing links by asking their friends to add their link to their blog or website and they would do the same for that friend, but most of the time some people ignore their website or blog and never touch it again or just once in 2 months. Google will realize it and won't rank you, that is why it is recommended to have backlinks to sites with authority like Facebook and Youtube etc. You can create a facebook page for your blog and post your article there and create a link back to your site, you could do that for Pinterest as well and other prominent sites. SEO optimization is very easy as long as you use the proper SEO tools and follow simple rules and guidelines.

5. Make your website speed a priority;
      Make sure your website is fast, Google gives priority to fast loading websites when a user searches for any information. With more than 60% of online search coming from mobile devices and Ipad Google advice having a responsive website and if possible having a responsive theme when purchasing one. Check out a useful post here.


5 SEO Techniques and tips in (2018) that will help rank your website in Google


Like I always say 3 or 4 SEO tools and techniques will not fully optimize your website to rank high in Google search engine, you have to use a couple of SEO tools and tactics.
1. On Page SEO/Optimization 

2. Link Authority/Quality

3. Youtube Video Link

4. Link Velocity

5. Image link/Naming

On Page SEO/Optimization;

       They are various SEO tools, tips, and tactics. Today I will share 5 simple tricks you can use to optimize your website in order to rank high in Google search engine. Ranking high by gaining organic traffic from Google is not easy, it needs a lot of hard work and patience and a lot of experimenting and using a lot of SEO tools, tips, and techniques that will help you.
          It is always a good practice to reference your title or add it to your content as much as possible, the technique of on-page SEO is to link your web pages in every one of your articles, you can reference your last post or article to a new one by creating a link to the post or article.

Find out more at

  Link Authority/Quality;
          In order to get great quality and authority link, you need to have a link to your article from websites that already have very high authority like the top 10 or 20 authority, for example, Youtube, Facebook website. For instance Facebook, you can create a facebook page and paste your article on your wall and link it back to your blog

Youtube Video Link;

         You should add a link to your youtube video or page in your post, you can also embed a video in your article. 

 Link Velocity;

       Link velocity is very important in SEO.
In addition to having a lot of links inbound and outbound, Google is now placing emphasis on the type of websites that are linking to your pages and how fast they are pointing to your page, post or article. So you don't only have to link your website to websites with authority but to the website that are also talking about your topic and referring people to your site or blog by sharing. So it would be a good idea for me to have a link to SEO site with great authority.
Image link/Naming;

     Naming your images is also very important for SEO optimization and search engines because if you name your image SEO-tools or SEO-tools2 would be a good idea in my own case but you should name your images whatever the topic you are talking about or the heading  or title of the topic, because Google search engine also uses images that are on your blog to find you. So it would be a great idea to name your images the keyword you want to be ranked for or the topic you are talking about.


Google to start indexing and rankng mobile site


This is old news but a little information won't hurt. Google has announced it will begin indexing and rank mobile versions of a webpage. Google currently indexes the desktop version of a website. They are now in the testing phase, the move has come since Google wants to give the best results to its users.
      With more than 60% of online search on the internet now coming from mobile devices Google wants to give more consideration and emphasis to mobile devices. Now would be a good time to invest in a mobile version of your website that is if you have not yet adopted it, and for newbie's it would be a great idea to choose a mobile responsive theme.

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They are several 100 SEO tools online but very few are free and able to help you solve your SEO issue. Today I will be sharing with you the top 5 SEO tools you need to optimize your website.

There are several SEO tools that can be used to optimize your website and increase your visibility online but I will be sharing 5 important tools with you today.

1. BuiltWith

2. Easel

3. Google keyword planner

4. GTmetrix

5. Spyfu

    As I always recommend they are a lot of great SEO tools but just a few will not optimize your website or blog 100% It is a combination of several SEO tools that will optimize your website and the constant update and upgrade of your website or blog.

 1. BuiltWith: This is one of my most favorite tools it is referred to as competitive intelligence. 

When you first visit the site you will be prompt to add a website URL you want to make an inquiry about.
       Builtwith does a couple of things, but the two most important is telling you what framework or technology a website was built with. It also shows you some website that has used a certain technology or framework. But you to signup which is free.
         There is a free and paid version but the free version is fine. You might be wondering why you want to know the technology or framework a website was built on, it is just like warfare an opponent is always trying to know what kind of arsenal or weapons his enemy has, and when and where they are going to attack. We all want to emulate the top site online and get the kind of ranking they have and design they use or dynamic.
      Builtwith will help you a lot when building your site or upgrading your website. You might want to start an e-commerce site or a learning platform website you have come across online and wonder how they have put it all together, builtwith will help you with that, all you have to do is add the website URL and click 'lookup' then click continue. In addition to this is has default framework that you can click and ask it to show you what website are using them which can help you in planning your website.

So it would be a great idea to check it out.

2. Easel
           Easel is an infographic creator, no prominent or authority website online is complete without an infographic. Infographic is a visual representation of any information or data you are trying to convey but in colors, images diagrams charts. 

check out the website. 

They are various free templates of infographics online you can download and edit with powerpoint or Adobe illustrator but you have to be a good graphic designer or just need to spend a lot of time on the computer and being creative.

        Easel is a very good SEO tool that helps you create Infographic which will, in turn, help your ranking in Google engine because Google does not only search our content or blog for text before ranking us, the best top ten or top 50 websites on Google front page have images, videos, and infographic. I designed an infographic of this same article with Easel in the image below. You can create an infographic with more content, images, and graphics.

3. Google keyword planner:

      This is a tricky but easy to use SEO tool that is very helpful not just for ranking for a keyword but also preparing you to know what kind of keyword is buzzing around a particular country or place in order for you to take advantage of it. You need to have Gmail, of course, to sign in and start using it. This is the first page you would see when you go to the site

The next page will prompt you to enter your email and website then click continue, by the way, this is also the procedure to start AdWords and pay Google for Ads but we are not going to do a paid ad we are just trying to leverage the keyword planner software. The next page will prompt you to fill in some details just fill it don't be scared and turn away thinking you have to pay for the ad, you will then come to the next page which will have the heading 'define your product or service'. This is where you need to just look down where it says what is your business category enter any word or phrase you want and look at the right side where it says potential audience size, everytime you type in a new word or phrase the numbers on the right will change, this is when you know if people are using that keyword or not and the number of times is been used or searched Google will tell you how many times that word or phrase has been searched that month  to get to this page is a bit tricky because a few people have emailed me saying they cant reach the page it just takes them to payment section, you just have to follow the promt and dont go beyond this point.This could help even a business person who wants to engage in a startup, they could just come here and put their business or idea to see if it is buzzing and people are searching for that kind of service or not, and a very great tools to search for keywords to boost your blog and SEO ranking for that particular keyword.

4. Gtmetrix

       Gtmetrix is a very powerful SEO tool that helps optimize your website speed, javascript CSS images and a lot of issues with your website. Although you have to be careful in fixing some of the errors if you are not an expert and you aren't familiar with coding because most of the fix has to be done in the code section. Find out more in this post

 Spyfu: This is one of my favorite SEO tools as the name implies its a spy. All you have to do is copy the URL of a website you are jealous of and paste at spyfu website and click search.

Apart from just spying on any site, it tells you what the website is worth how many organic keywords they are ranking for and how many paid keyword they are ranked for. This will give you an overview of what the websites are doing to stay up there in the ranking or what they have done to get there, this information can help you build your website or adjust your current website's optimization because, from research that I have done and prominent websites that I have added, about 90% of them do not even do a paid ad, so you can imagine if you use this information against them to optimize your website properly and  also do a paid ad if you have the cash and you could see your website ranking with a bit of hardwork, search engine optimization and effective use of some seo tools and techniques.  Find out more details

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Off-page SEO 7 techniques that will drive traffic to your website in (2018)



What is off-page SEO?

Off-page, SEO is the technique used to improve the position and visibility of a website in search engines.

Off-page SEO is one of the most popular and widely used SEO technique to drive traffic to your website. 

         Many people usually associate off-page SEO with only creating or generating backlinks. It is also about promoting your website, blog or article on social media, forums directories and classified.

     Every new or old blogger relies on simple old ways of creating backlinks by adding their website to other blogs as guest post or other authority blogs, but blogs are not the only place you can get an audience, what most people don't realize is the blogs only covers one niche or topic which is not a lot compared to the number of people searching online every day. These 7 factors if properly utilized will also drive traffic to your website and generate a lot of backlinks.

There are a lot of off-page SEO techniques and tactics online but I will be sharing with you the  7 most awesome and easy ways.

  • Add your website to search engines
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Classified directory submission
  • Forum Submission
  • Image Submission
  • Infographic Submission
  • Add your article to Linkedin

 1. Add your website to Search Engines

     It is always a good idea to submit your new or old website to the prominent search engines like google and bing. You would need to and a Gmail account or Hotmail account to register for both search engines Gmail uses google webmaster which is very common to most people 

check out this article to know more about google webmaster. Which is also referred to as Google console

2. Social bookmarking 

       Social bookmarking sites are a great way to promote your blog and content very fast and get feedback and backlinks. Unlink blogs which get visited once in a while to find specific information social media sites are visited daily and people spend at least 2-3hrs daily on these sites. It would be a good idea to post your article on your page. The most popular of course Facebook allows you to create a page where you can promote a business or hobby and you can create a link back to your website or blog, in turn, generating traffic to your blog.

There are hundred's of social bookmarking site online but I will share a few popular site:

Some of the sites require you to register probably all.









Google +


3. Classified directory submission

    Most people only see classified directory as places for placing ads. You can also submit your website URL in the services area of a classified people might be interesting in your topic and click on your link and this could create a backlink for your website.

4. Forum Submission

        There are a lot of forums out there online and you can imagine people are always asking questions or trying to solve one problem or the other. One of this question might be what you are blogging about, so you can just answer a few lines maybe 2 line of the answer and ask them to follow a link to your website or blog for more information.This is a good way to create backlinks to your blog or article.

5. Image submission

     This is one of the best ways create traffic and lead people to your website or blog, a couple of websites allow users to post images or infographic that relays a lot of information. When people click on the image they are taken to your website. One such site is Pinterest.
         All you have to do is create an account and start posting pin or images directly from your website as long as you are login you can just click on a photo on your blog and it will be add to your pintrest board, you can also follow people and other people can follow you in order to increase your network. Also make sure you are following people or niche that have the same topic or idea as your. The best stuff to put on pintrest is an infographic like this one 

If you want to know more about infographic check out my other post

6. Add your article to linkedin

Linkedin now has a facebook like status update on your profile page that say write article, you can leverage this to add your post and link it back to your blog or website 

Check out more useful SEO tactics and search engine optimization techniques


Increase your blog traffic how to get found by SERP(search engine result page)

How to increase your traffic by getting found by search engines.

SEO Search engine optimization, tools, techniques, tactics, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. All these techniques can increase traffic to your website when fully optimized. What if you have done all of these and you are not know online by the major search engines and you cant be found by the search engines that let users find you.
          Am going to be showing you how to register and add your website to the major search engines online.

They are a couple of search engine online but I will be showing you the major search engines.

Google webmaster also called Google search console
Bing webmaster
Yandex webmaster

The essence of being online is to be found but what if the search engines responsible for searching for your website does not know you exist. That is the reason you have to add your website to Google, Bing or Yandex webmaster. The processes are basically the same I will just leave the link to the site and the rest is self-explanatory the only issue is that you will have to go into your code or HTML and add some line of code you will be given, this is just to verify your website and add you to the index.

Let's begin 

First, you will need to have a Gmail account then go to Google webmaster you will have to click the green button when you reach the website just like the screenshot below.

  When you click the button you will be taken to the next page where you have to add your website by copying the line of code and placing it in the head tag of your HTML in the code of your website. This part might be risky because if you don't know about coding and codes. Editing any code here will take your website offline or displace your webpage and nothing will be as you left it so make sure you ask a friend to help. 
      This is what the page would look like after you have clicked 
add a property   

I suggest you use the alternate method which is the second tab 
this is easier and straightforward.

All you have to do is copy the code and place it in the head section of your HTML and then return back and click verify at the bottom of the page. They are other methods which you can try if this doesn't work for you. Google webmaster also has other function like analytics and error checking and much more I would talk about that in another post.

Bing webmaster
    Bing is another authority search engine.
You would need to have Hotmail account then login if not just register and get an account.

Yandex is also a search engine which most people do not know about but it is also a major search engine. The process is the same just sign-up and add the same code to your head tag of your HTML and also verify. Your Gmail account can still be used here.

Now that search engines know your website is alive and kicking its time for you to go in-depth and do some more SEO optimization to increase your ranking and visibility checkout more SEO tips, tools and techniques here.

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