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They are several 100 SEO tools online but very few are free and able to help you solve your SEO issue. Today I will be sharing with you the top 5 SEO tools you need to optimize your website.

There are several SEO tools that can be used to optimize your website and increase your visibility online but I will be sharing 5 important tools with you today.

1. BuiltWith

2. Easel

3. Google keyword planner

4. GTmetrix

5. Spyfu

    As I always recommend they are a lot of great SEO tools but just a few will not optimize your website or blog 100% It is a combination of several SEO tools that will optimize your website and the constant update and upgrade of your website or blog.

 1. BuiltWith: This is one of my most favorite tools it is referred to as competitive intelligence. 

When you first visit the site you will be prompt to add a website URL you want to make an inquiry about.
       Builtwith does a couple of things, but the two most important is telling you what framework or technology a website was built with. It also shows you some website that has used a certain technology or framework. But you to signup which is free.
         There is a free and paid version but the free version is fine. You might be wondering why you want to know the technology or framework a website was built on, it is just like warfare an opponent is always trying to know what kind of arsenal or weapons his enemy has, and when and where they are going to attack. We all want to emulate the top site online and get the kind of ranking they have and design they use or dynamic.
      Builtwith will help you a lot when building your site or upgrading your website. You might want to start an e-commerce site or a learning platform website you have come across online and wonder how they have put it all together, builtwith will help you with that, all you have to do is add the website URL and click 'lookup' then click continue. In addition to this is has default framework that you can click and ask it to show you what website are using them which can help you in planning your website.

So it would be a great idea to check it out.

2. Easel
           Easel is an infographic creator, no prominent or authority website online is complete without an infographic. Infographic is a visual representation of any information or data you are trying to convey but in colors, images diagrams charts. 

check out the website. 

They are various free templates of infographics online you can download and edit with powerpoint or Adobe illustrator but you have to be a good graphic designer or just need to spend a lot of time on the computer and being creative.

        Easel is a very good SEO tool that helps you create Infographic which will, in turn, help your ranking in Google engine because Google does not only search our content or blog for text before ranking us, the best top ten or top 50 websites on Google front page have images, videos, and infographic. I designed an infographic of this same article with Easel in the image below. You can create an infographic with more content, images, and graphics.

3. Google keyword planner:

      This is a tricky but easy to use SEO tool that is very helpful not just for ranking for a keyword but also preparing you to know what kind of keyword is buzzing around a particular country or place in order for you to take advantage of it. You need to have Gmail, of course, to sign in and start using it. This is the first page you would see when you go to the site

The next page will prompt you to enter your email and website then click continue, by the way, this is also the procedure to start AdWords and pay Google for Ads but we are not going to do a paid ad we are just trying to leverage the keyword planner software. The next page will prompt you to fill in some details just fill it don't be scared and turn away thinking you have to pay for the ad, you will then come to the next page which will have the heading 'define your product or service'. This is where you need to just look down where it says what is your business category enter any word or phrase you want and look at the right side where it says potential audience size, everytime you type in a new word or phrase the numbers on the right will change, this is when you know if people are using that keyword or not and the number of times is been used or searched Google will tell you how many times that word or phrase has been searched that month  to get to this page is a bit tricky because a few people have emailed me saying they cant reach the page it just takes them to payment section, you just have to follow the promt and dont go beyond this point.This could help even a business person who wants to engage in a startup, they could just come here and put their business or idea to see if it is buzzing and people are searching for that kind of service or not, and a very great tools to search for keywords to boost your blog and SEO ranking for that particular keyword.

4. Gtmetrix

       Gtmetrix is a very powerful SEO tool that helps optimize your website speed, javascript CSS images and a lot of issues with your website. Although you have to be careful in fixing some of the errors if you are not an expert and you aren't familiar with coding because most of the fix has to be done in the code section. Find out more in this post

 Spyfu: This is one of my favorite SEO tools as the name implies its a spy. All you have to do is copy the URL of a website you are jealous of and paste at spyfu website and click search.

Apart from just spying on any site, it tells you what the website is worth how many organic keywords they are ranking for and how many paid keyword they are ranked for. This will give you an overview of what the websites are doing to stay up there in the ranking or what they have done to get there, this information can help you build your website or adjust your current website's optimization because, from research that I have done and prominent websites that I have added, about 90% of them do not even do a paid ad, so you can imagine if you use this information against them to optimize your website properly and  also do a paid ad if you have the cash and you could see your website ranking with a bit of hardwork, search engine optimization and effective use of some seo tools and techniques.  Find out more details

Check out more useful SEO tactics and search engine optimization techniques

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  1. SEOQuake
    SEOQuake is one of the most popular SEO toolboxes. It’s an extension that displays an SEO overview of any given page through a toolbar or SERP overlay. It can show the total number of indexed pages, domain age, social shares and external links.
    This tool’s shining quality is its fluidity. Instead of individually checking sites through a standalone tool, you can view real time stats as you browse.
    SEOQuake also offers a free on-page audit tool so that you know if there are any errors on your site – and, of course, they offer tips on how to correct these errors. Once you land on the page, just click the icon on the toolbar area.


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